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Laptop Battery 1 Privacy Statement

Laptop Battery 1 respects and appreciates the trust shown to us during our interaction with all of our loyal online customers and guests. We understand and agree that it is your express right to understand the practices and policies employed by Laptop Battery 1 during your visit to our website(s) with regard to your personal information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the practices and policies that we at Laptop Battery 1 employ in the interest of serving you better.


In order to better serve our customers and maintain the highest levels of customer service, ease-of-use and access, in addition to maintaining the largest and most comprehensive array of laptop batteries and accessories available, Laptop Battery 1 collects certain identifying and personal information during your visit to our website(s). Information such as (but not limited to) your Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name (information commonly referred to as “cookies”**) is gathered during your visit to our website using methods commonplace to internet commerce for the intended purpose of internal demographic, marketing research, product offering study, and other research so that we may better serve future customers. “Cookies” may also be present that were placed on certain pages within the Laptop Battery 1 website(s) by third parties. Laptop Battery 1 is not responsible for, nor do we control the use of, these “cookies” placed by third parties.

**”Cookies” is common term used to indicate small temporary files placed on your computer’s hard drive by websites visited. Generally speaking, “cookies” are used to help better serve repeat visitors and customers to a website and are also used in the collection of certain demographic data used in internal research and study. You are free to disable “cookies” in the settings menu of your internet browser at any time and may still visit and enjoy the Laptop Battery1 website(s).

Your Personal Information

Laptop Battery 1 does not, in the course of doing regular business, engage in the rent or sale of your personal and identifiable information to outside or third parties for use in their marketing, promotional, or advertising activities.

In the course of completing a transaction with Laptop Battery 1, you may be asked to furnish personal identifiable information including (but not limited to) your name, billing and shipping addresses, credit card or other financial information, phone numbers, email addresses, and other such information used to accurately complete your transaction. This information may be used by Laptop Battery 1(and its parent company and any other subsidiaries) in the course of its marketing, promotional, and informational activities to keep you abreast of new products, services, and events. Personal information may be disclosed to third parties intentionally by Laptop Battery 1 in the course of doing normal business in order to complete your transaction and/or to continue in our mission of providing our customers with the best selection and pricing for laptop batteries and accessories. Your personal information may also be disclosed intentionally to law enforcement or other regulating agencies as required by law.

Future Contact from Laptop Battery 1

Unless you choose to opt-out** of future communications from Laptop Battery 1, we may contact you with future marketing, product, promotional, contest, or other materials using the information gathered during your transaction. We will only contact you with offers and services that we think reflect your interests and will not share, rent, or sell this information for marketing purposes.

In general, communications from Laptop Battery 1 will pertain to our Professional Series laptop batteries and the laptop accessories from leading manufacturers that we carry, special pricing, new product offerings, and any additional warranty options that we have added.

**You may opt-out of future communications from Laptop Battery 1 at any time by checking run-checking (as the case may be) the opt-out box during checkout or included inane and all future communications from Laptop Battery1.

Unintended Disclosure/Legal Obligations

Laptop Battery 1 values your trust and business and takes all reasonable measures to safeguard and keep private your personal and identifiable information. With that said, Laptop Battery 1 cannot be held accountable or liable for any inadvertent or unintentional disclosure of your personal information including (but not limited to) interception by third parties, unauthorized access and collection by third parties, breach of internal security, or other violations. Laptop Battery1 may also be required to disclose relevant personal details and information to local or federal law enforcement in certain cases.

While Laptop Battery 1 takes any and all prudent measures to ensure the safe keeping of your personal information, it should never be assumed or expected that personal or identifiable information shared or collected on this website is or will remain private.

Laptop Battery1 and Amazon.com

Laptop Battery 1 has arranged a partnership with Amazon.com to make your laptop battery shopping experience even easier, faster, and more accessible!

Be advised that as a part of this partnership this website accepts Amazon.com payments and will require the entry and authentication of your existing Amazon.com account number in order to complete transactions herein. Information collected during this process will be gathered by Amazon.com and used in accordance with their written Amazon.com Privacy Policy.

Amazon.com will also provide Laptop Battery 1 with pertinent personal information of yours that will be used to complete your transaction. This personal information will be governed by the Laptop Battery 1 Privacy Statement laid out above.